Dissertation Advisor to:

Lindsay Judah, DPA (ABD) 2019 Valdosta State University, GA. Proposal “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Programs in the Fire Service: An Examination of Their Effectiveness  and Challenges in Implementation.” (Committee Member)

Michael Donahue, Ph.D. 2019 Oklahoma State University, OK  “Fire Prevention Service Provisions Within A New Age Of Local Government Retrenchment.” (Committee Member)

Carey Waddell, Ed.D. 2019 Grand Canyon University, AZ  “United States Air Force Officers’ Leadership Style as a Predictor of Group Potency.”(Committee Member)

Matthew W. Colpitts, Ed.D 2018 Fielding Graduate University, CA“Emergency Management and preparedness at higher education institutions: Differences in perceptions of senior student affairs officers and local emergency managers.” (Committee Member)

Carl M. DeCarlo, Ed.D. 2017 Benedictine University, IL. “Higher education and the fire service a changing relationship: A phenomenology study exploring factors that influence the integration of the National Professional Development Model into fire science associate degree programs.” (Committee Director)

Marion F. Blackwell, Jr. Ph.D. 2017 Oklahoma State University OK, “Center for Public Safety Excellence are there positive outcomes for the community?” (Committee Member)

Candace Ashby, PhD 2014 University of Phoenix, AZ, “Phenomenological study of Battalion Chiefs leadership development” (Committee Member)

Demond Simmons, DPA, 2013, Golden Gate University, CA, “Firefighter resistance to Change: Examination of the Oakland Fire Department” (Committee Member)

Robert L. Ditch, Ed.D. 2012, Walden University, Florida “An analysis of factors which influence the pursuit of higher education by metropolitan firefighters in Virginia” (Committee Member)          

Gerri Penney, Ph.D. 2010 Florida Atlantic University “The chief executive fire officers strategic thinking capabilities and its relationship with technological device usage”   (Committee Member)

Larry A. Porter, Ph.D. 2009 George Washington University, Wash., DC  “Defense support of civilian authority (DSCA):  What emergency managers need to know” (Defense Committee Member)

 John Moschella, Ed.D. 2008 Cambridge College, Massachusetts “Comparison of   graduate education for the fire service internationally” (Committee Member)

Sara Tarr, Ph.D. 2007 Syracuse University, New York   “Description and evaluation of     current fire service training materials development” (Committee Member)

Ronald T. Wakeham, DPA 2003 Nova Southeastern University, Florida “An investigation into fire department mentoring practices and their impact on career outcomes of chief executive fire officers” (Committee Chair)

H. Michael Drumm, DPA 2002 Nova Southeastern University, Florid “The ethical and moral development differences of municipal department heads based on the Defining Issues Test” (Committee Member)

Joseph V. Saitta, Ed.D. 1998 Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia “Determining the administrative support and professional development needs of contract instructors at a civilian federal training agency” (Advisor)

David H. Hoover, Ph.D. 1993 Union Institute Graduate College, Ohio “Preparing fire officers for administrative responsibility:  A project demonstrating excellence” (Advisor)

Elizabeth McLaughlin, Sc.D. 1984 Johns Hopkins University, Maryland “Smoke detector legislation its effect on owner occupied homes” (Advisor)


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