American Fire Culture Past, Present & Future

The American fire culture has been a manual fire protection model based on six underlying assumptions, or DNA genes: fast, close, wet, risk, injury and death. To survive in the 21st century, fire service leadership must change our cultural paradigm to automatic fire protection that does not accept fire loss.

This session will help you develop strategies to address key issues in reducing the number of firefighter and civilian fire deaths.

This workshop is based on two books:

  1. Organizational culture and leadership. Edgar H. Schein, Jossey Bass Publishing, 2010
  2. I can’t save you, but I’ll die trying: The American Fire culture. Burton A. Clark, Premium Press America, 2015

Learning Objective: Participants will develop strategies to change the American fire culture at the individual, team, organizational, and community levels in an effort to reduce loss from fire.

Methodology: literature review, lecture/discussion, case study, critical thinking, and group activity.

Time: 4 hours Audience size: minimum 20 maximum 50