National Fire Academy Farewell Speach


“After 44 years of service, this I believe.

As a member of the fire service discipline, what I know and what I do not know has life and death consequences for me and others. Therefore, a fire service calling demands my highest level of professionalism.

Our proudest moment is when we accept the fact that fire prevention, smoke alarms, and fire sprinklers will save more lives and property from fire than we ever will.
Our noblest deeds of daring are measured by having the courage to do each task 100% correct 100% of the time, especially when others around us are not, because lives are at stake.

Our supreme success is achieved when there is no injury, or death, or loss from fire.
As firefighters we honor the past because many people and events have put us here today; we celebrate the precious present because we have accomplished much and tomorrow belongs to no one; and we believe in the future because that is where we will spend the rest of our lives serving the people and achieving our purpose.

Thank God for firefighters. Thank you God for letting me be a firefighter.”


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